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Q. Will FRP manufactured Covers can take a load of heavy traffic?

ANS. As it is manufactured by modified, UV stabilized Resins reinforced with woven glass fibres, oriented multi axially, its matrix is designed to take load upto 60 tons. So these covers can be designed for different applications like footpath installations, parking places installations, side carraige ways and heavy traffic lanes of the roads.
Will it sustain impact of traffic load?

ANS. Because of reinforcement of oven glass fibres, oriented multi axially and added flexural strength it will definitely take impact load and will not break into pieces like Cast Iron.
Can Somebody Steal it as it is a major problem in CI covers?

ANS. As it is made from thermosetting plastics, its polymerisation cannot be reversed by any process so these cannot be recycled easily. Due to this feature it has zero scrap value and will not generate any remuneration for burglars.
Due to its lightweight nature can it be taken away easily by burglars?

ANS. We provide manhole covers and frames with stainless steel cable wire locking arrangement which prevents it from easy takeaway.
Will it sustain extreme weather conditions?

ANS. As it is made of modified resins it has temperature resistance from -40 to 80 degree centigrade and it is waterprof and resistant to Corresive flue gases generated in sewer lines.

What is the life span of these products?

ANS. As it is manufactured by modified, UV stabilised Resins its life is more than 30 years.

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