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Why FRP?

Fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) is the next generation polymer made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. These polymers are considered to be the strongest one and most resistive to deforming forces. With the advancements, FRP has totally replaced traditional materials like RCC, CI and steel for manufacturing manhole covers, gratings, doors, window shades and security cabins.

Following are the comparison charts between FRP and other materials :

Life Span Low Moderate High
Strength/Weight Ratio Very Low Moderate Very High
Cost Low Moderate Comparable to CI
Scrap Value Low High Nil (Zero Scrap Value)
Color Range Concrete Grey Black / Metallic Range Available
Finishing Not Applicable Rough Granite Finish
Logo Embossing Not Available Not Available Possible
Custom Design Not Available Not Available Possible
Locking System None None Available
Handling Very Difficult Difficult Easy
Thermal Expansion Slight High Almost Nil
Corrosion Resistance Low Medium High
Abrasion Resistance None None Yes

Properties FRP Steel
Corrosion Resistance Very High Subjected to Oxidation & Corrosion
Weight Light Weight require lifting equipments to move and place
Conductivity Highly insulating material Conducts electricity, potential Shock hazard
Strength High strength to weight ratio Lower strength to weight ration
Stiffness Will not permanently deform under load conditions Any deformation will be permanent in nature
Impact Resistance Glass mat distributes load evenly to prevent surface damage Can permanently deform under impact
EMI / RFI Transparency Transparent to EMI/RFI interferences Can Interfere with EMI/RFI transmissions
Versatility Pigments added to resin provide uniform coloring through volume Color is applied only on surface via paint or coating
Field Fabrication Can be fabricated on site using simple carpenter tools. Erection easy due to light weight Needs specialized cutting and welding equipment and skilled labor Heavier material requires special lifting equipments to manage.
Cost Lower life cycle cost due to low maintenance and installation cost High life cycle costs

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